by Amy True

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This track is about breaking away from dependancies and elevating.


Verse 1

My Bodies aching, from the exercise I been partaking
I just been suppressing me, yea
I got a lot a light in me
See, but my habits have put a lot of doubt in me
Smoking weed, Bunning trees, blazing chronic socially
Or independent on my own
I turned my mind to stone
Paranoid walkn home, Defensive insecure
I had to stop and pause
This shits affecting me
Physically and mentally, yea
I want the best for me
But all it does is slow me down
I’m tryna elevate
I was so filled with rage
Straight from an early Stage
I couldn’t handle couldn’t manage so I start to blaze
It got a hold a me, yea, almost controlling me
Spending money that I aint got
And turned my mind to mush
But at that point in my life I want my mind to shush
Seen things I shouldn’t have
Felt things I didn’t want
So smoking blunts feeling numb was a dependency
I must depend on me
No more I want the weed
Cold turkey from this smoke, because it’s killing me
Ah yea because it’s killing me


I don’t need it (I don’t need it)
I don’t want it (I don’t want it)
I need no chronic (Don’t need no Chronic)
I’m supersonic (I’m supersonic)
I don’t need it (I don’t need it)
I don’t want it (I don’t want it)
I need no chronic (Don’t need no Chronic)
I’m supersonic (I’m supersonic)
# I don’t need it (I don’t need it)
#I don’t want it (I don’t want it)

Verse 2

I made a choice
Cos I put my body through a lot
It takes its toll
Inside I feel I start to rot
See I’m strong, so why I think I need this joint
See your strong, that’s why I’m here to make a point
Analyze the root a the cause, my people search for yours
You think its hip-hop, you think your rude boi?
Bad meaning weak not bad meaning good and
Following the motives of others just means ya straight shook
Not here to put ya down
I’m here to raise ya up
Ya think I don’t see how life has got our minds Bruck!
Emotional damage with the baggage and a stereotype
Plus family struggles, easy access sources killing our mind
We need to shine so intelligent our bodies divine
Find a balance an alternative to freeing our souls
Realise the energy you have and start to gain your control
It’s slowly killing... Uh yea
It’s a suicide
It’s slowly killing... Uh yea
It’s a suicide



Breathe Steady
Greens Veggies
I’m focused
Stay Focused
Haters Later
Energy Greater
Thanks Nature (Pause)

Regenerate ah Regenerate

It’s a suicide


released February 19, 2014
Produced by Chemo
Lyrics by Amy True
Keys by Alex Horky
Double Bass by Huw Bennett



all rights reserved


Amy True London, UK

A London Based Rapper, Singer & Poet who creates conscious Hip Hop & Soul in a variety of ways. She is part of Peoples Army Movement & former member of Caxton Press. Supported acts like Slum Village,Mos Def,Immortal tech & Public Enemy. Worked with the likes of Akala,
Benjamin Zephaniah,Logic, ADF & Lowkey, Won Reader's Choice Award & the award for Best UK Female Rapper in Wordplay Magazine 2012.
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